About Us

Bella Donna Historical Performers is a performance troupe providing songs, instrumental music, and wit at Renaissance, Italian, and historical-themed entertainments.

We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area (Northern California).

We are available for staged or informal singing, dancing (both performance and teaching), background music, and meet and greet as costumed historical and fantasy characters. Our roles span the centuries: we have performed as the courtesans of Renaissance Venice, the underworld of 18th century New Orleans, vampires across the ages, and princesses (and princes!) from fantasy kingdoms. We can portray historical and fantasy characters from the Renaissance through the golden age of piracy, the glittering courts of 18th century Europe, or the regal Victorian era.

We aim to delight and entertain with our sparkling singing and dancing, captivating characters, and stunning costumes. More formal events may wish to feature one of our our original 30 minute shows: “Aspects of Love” combines elements of the Italian commedia dell’arte tradition with Elizabethan-style language, featuring Renaissance songs, poetry, dance, and instrumental music; “The Final Rose” features singing, dancing, and comedy that will delight kids of all ages.

Let Bella Donna bring history to life by including us at your event!